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On the eve of the ticket launch, we're delighted to reveal the events up for the coveted Best New Event award at the 2024 Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival.

Every year, our members and partners compete for the esteemed ‘Best New Event’ award, and this year, the Spirit of Speyside team have narrowed the entries down to seven events.

Our judge has the enviable task of attending and immersing themselves in each of the shortlisted events, and this year’s judge is Millie Miliken. Millie is a renowned journalist and respected voice in the spirits and whisky industry. As a multi-award winning drinks writer, last year she won the IWSC Spirits Communicator of the Year as well as the Alan Lodge Young International Drinks Writer of the Year and was also a runner-up in the Icons of Whisky 2023 Communicator of the Year. She is Head of Content for the OurWhisky Foundation, and a judge for the IWSC and World Whiskies Awards.

I'm sure that many will want to volunteer as Millie's understudy, but we don't think that the selecting just one winner will be easy!

The events shortlisted for the honour are:

Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky - Duncan Taylor Drams in the Dark with Dinner

Experience the ultimate whisky-tasting event with "Drams in the Dark". By removing the sense of sight, your other senses, particularly taste and smell, are heightened, resulting in a unique and unforgettable experience.

The event begins at 6:30pm with a welcome whisky cocktail at the new Club Room in Huntly, on the periphery of Speyside. Then, head through to the adjoining Bank Restaurant, where the tasting experience will take place. You will receive your own blindfold to use during the event where you will get the opportunity to sample four stunning whiskies from the Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky portfolio including from the Single Cask and Octave ranges. A special 3-course whisky paired meal has been created, by The Bank's Head Chef. During the courses, you can remove your blindfold, however, before and after each course is when the blind whisky tasting will take place. Focusing solely on taste and smell, you will discover the unique flavours and aromas of each whisky, which can be truly enlightening. Each of the four blind-tasted whiskies will be served with a unique canapé that enhances the flavours within the whisky. To end the evening, you will be welcomed back to the Club Room where you can imbibe your whisky of choice from Duncan Taylor's unique and innovative cask dispensers.

On the night, you will enjoy:
• A welcome drink in the Club Room.
• Four hand-selected whiskies from Duncan Taylor's Single Cask and Octave ranges individually paired with unique canapés
• A three-course meal with tea or coffee
• A whisky of your choice from the dispenser barrels within the Club Room before departure.

Dunphail Distillery - The beginning: celebrating the opening of Dunphail Distillery

Join us at Dunphail for a deep-dive tour of Speyside's newest distillery, where time-honoured techniques are being used to produce the finest single malt whiskies.

Your adventure will begin in our iconic, working malthouse where you'll witness the careful preparation of our barley and help us to turn our malt floor*. Then you'll experience the artistry of our main distillery building where you'll be able to engage with our dedicated team and learn about the nuances of our whisky production processes and the attention to detail that defines our spirits.

No tour would be complete without a visit to our warehouse. Here you will enjoy the sights and aromas of our maturing casks and learn about how our wood plays a crucial role in shaping the character of our whisky.

Finally you will return to our Visitor Centre for a specially curated tasting experience that will deepen your appreciation for the art of whisky making.

Your experience will include:

• A welcome drink
• An access all areas exploration of our unique and traditional distillery, from malting and mashing through to fermentation, distillation and maturation
• Dramming on tour - sample our two styles of new make spirit whilst exploring Dunphail
• Tasting - enjoy three fine whiskies that have been specially selected, each with Dunphail Distillery connections
• A branded Dunphail Distillery tasting glass for you to take away
• An opportunity to purchase our Spirit of Speyside festival exclusive release

Throughout the week of the festival, delicious local food options will be available at distillery for all visitors to enjoy.


Join us at The Glenlivet Distillery as we celebrate 200 years of living original - breaking traditions, leading innovation and ‘forever forward’.

This is an exclusive opportunity to join our archivist and visit all three of our iconic Still Houses as we travel through our history from the old to the new, sampling some of our most legendary whiskies, including The Glenlivet Illicit Still.

The first stop on our journey begins with our oldest distillery, Minmore, built by our founder George Smith which to this day is key to our operations. We then travel through time to 2010 to explore what was the first major expansion for over 150 years, seeing how modern technology enhanced our traditional craftsmanship. The final destination is our newest expansion, offering a glimpse into the future of distillation and whisky making at The Glenlivet.

The experience will conclude in one of our private tasting rooms, where you will sample three limited editions of The Glenlivet, including our newly released 200th Anniversary 12 Year Old and discover the inspiration behind these special releases.

To celebrate this unique experience, you will receive a bottle of The Glenlivet Licensed Dram and also have the opportunity to purchase a bottle of one of our only remaining bottles of The Glenlivet Illicit Still.

*Please note that this experience does not include a tour of our warehousing.


Over 18’s only.

Tormore Distillery - Perfecting the Pearl Masterclass/ Open Day

Ollie Chilton, head blender for Elixir Distillers Ltd and Polly Logan, Tormore Distillery Manager will talk you through the development of Tormore, including tastings of Tormore Single malt through the ages. Join us on our journey to re-invigorate the Pearl of Speyside and we'll talk you through our plans for the site, the whisky and the future. Includes entry to the open day and all the benefits associated with that ticket.

Speyburn Distillery - Speyburn After Hours: Celebration of Whisky, Food and Music

Help us celebrate our first anniversary since opening to visitors with an evening full of interactive experiences, delicious street food, and delightful drinks.

You'll have the chance to sample a dram in Scotland's only listed intact Drum Maltings, enjoy food in our courtyard and chat with our Distillery Managers. After dark, we'll head into our newly refurbished tasting room and service bar, to enjoy live entertainment with a few surprises along the way. This is your chance to appreciate Speyburn like never before.

DM Executive Travel - Enchanting Mystical Whisky Adventure around Speyside

Welcome to the magical world of whisky, where age-old traditions and exquisite craftsmanship come together to create liquid gold. If you're a whisky aficionado or simply curious to explore the secrets of this beloved spirit, a mystery whisky tour in Speyside is the perfect escapade for you.

Your mystery whisky tour in Speyside begins with a sense of anticipation and curiosity. You'll be whisked away to 3 carefully selected distilleries , chosen to provide a unique and unforgettable experience. The element of surprise adds an extra layer of excitement to your journey, ensuring that each tour is tailor-made and distinct.

As you arrive at each distillery, prepare to be transported into a world of aromas, flavours, and whisky-making lore. Expert guides, who are passionate about their craft, will lead you through the intricate whisky production process. From mashing and fermentation to distillation and maturation, you'll gain a deep understanding of the alchemy behind every bottle.

Beyond the distilleries, Speyside offers an enchanting backdrop for exploration. Take a leisurely stroll along the Spey River, meandering through picturesque villages and catching glimpses of historic castles. Engage with the locals, who are known for their warm hospitality and proud whisky heritage. Perhaps even uncover a hidden gem, a quaint whisky bar or a charming inn, where you can continue your whisky adventures long into the evening.

What’s Included
* Pick-up and drop-off (Elgin, Mansfield Hotel)
* Transport in our luxury Mercedes V Class 3 carefully selected distilleries
* A full day with driver/guide and whisky enthusiast , Daniel
* Goody bag
* Packed Lunch & Refreshments - Any dietary requirements, please email us to confirm.
* Drams & Cigars from our secret stash

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