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Alexander Forsyth started the A. Forsyth and Son in 1933 and this family owned business has been thriving on Speyside ever since.

In the late 60’s, third generation Richard became involved in the business. Richard took over the management of the business in the mid 70’s and oversaw the subsequent diversification and expansion of the company into the group it is today. The company went through rebranding during this time and the company name was reduced to Forsyths.

Today fourth generation Richard Ernest carries on the mantle as Managing DirectorToday fourth generation Richard Ernest carries on the mantle as Managing Director

Up until the 1980’s the majority of Forsyths revenue was generated from the Scotch Whisky Industry producing copper pot stills and condensers. A slump in whisky production at this time meant that work was scarce and Forsyths had to diversify in order to stay in business.

Pot Stills

Traditional and handmade pot stills really are a work of art and are made in much the same way as they were when Forsyths started.

A large part of Forsyths work comes from the domestic market supplying replacement parts for the Scotch and Irish Whisky Industry as well as new stills for distillery expansions. However in the last 20 years Forsyths have been exporting more and more equipment all over the globe. Today they provide equipment to both the boutique craft distillers as well as the established drinks conglomerates. You will find some of the world’s finest whiskies, gins, tequilas, rums and bourbons are made in Forsyth pots.

Forsyths manufacture pots from 50L to 25,000L charge capacity using direct flame firing, steam coil, steam jacket, electric element or electric hotplate as the heat source. We offer still heads in any shape with the main three styles being ogee, lamp glass and boil ball all of which are finished with a sweeping swan neck.

For more information about Forsyths and the manufacture of Stills please follow this link.

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