The Spirit Safe, Whisky Bar

Complete with it's own spirit safe made next door at Forsyths, this bar is the perfect place for pre-dinner drinks and tasty aperitifs.

There will be whisky tastings and cocktail Master Classes held in The Spirit Safe during the festival, take a look in the 'Events' section.

If whisky is your thing, and why wouldn't it be - it is festival time after all, The Sprit safe have an impressive collection of over 300 single malts, never mind the 70+ gin selection and impressive variety of sprits from around the world.

The Station Hotel even has its very own cask strength Speyside single malt. The amber nectar has matured for 24 years, 20 of those were in an American Oak Barrel and the final 4 in an Oloroso Sherry Butt. The combination is to die for, come try a dram for yourself and soak up the atmosphere.

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The Spirit Safe, Whisky Bar

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