This year, for the first time, Spirit of Speyside will have an official app! The team have been working hard to get everything ready in time for #dram17, and we’re delighted that visitors will be able to download what we hope will be a fun and useful addition to the festival.

The app brings two things to a festival user’s experience. The functionality of its built-in map will be a welcome addition to the Spirit of Speyside visitor experience; if you aren’t a local then Moray can be a difficult area to navigate and we hope to make it easier – users can simply search for the venue or distillery they are going to and it will be pinpointed on the map. Every event provider for #dram17 is listed, so there’ll be no lost journeys round the Speyside countryside! In addition to the map, every individual event is listed in easy-to-navigate tabs, showing date, times and event description.

As well as listing events and their addresses, the app acts as its own social media platform. In addition to engaging with the Festival on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, users will be able to post their photos, videos and thoughts within the app’s ‘activity stream’. There has been a great uptake since the app was launched and we hope to see that continue and increase in the lead up to #dram17.

You can download the Spirit of Speyside app today: simply go to the App store on iPhone, or the Google Play store on Android, and search ‘Spirit of Speyside’.

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