This year, visitors to the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival will have a once in a lifetime chance to witness an event that has never taken place before. On Saturday 29 April 2017, four highly skilled coopers will go head to head in an attempt to set a brand new Guinness World Records title; Fastest time to build a 190 litre barrel.

In celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Speyside Cooperage Visitor Centre and the 70th Anniversary of the Cooperage itself, this has never been attempted before and will set a precedent in the industry where the cask is a crucial part of the whisky itself.

The components of the cask will be laid out in front of each cooper and the requirement is to raise the cask in under 7 minutes 30 seconds.

But that’s not all…  Further to completion each cask will undergo industry standard testing to ensure it is water tight and the one which was built in the fastest time wins!

Gill Reid, Visitor Centre Manager commented “Nothing like this has ever been attempted not only here at the Cooperage but anywhere in the world.  The Coopers are highly skilled, uniquely trained and work against the clock on a daily basis so it seemed a natural progression to set a Guinness World Records title!  Four of them will go head to head in an attempt to raise a 190 litre cask in under 7 minutes 30 seconds – but only one will be named the Guinness World Records title holder!”

Full details of how to attend are available here.

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