We are a small farm producing quality Boer goat meat from our high welfare herd of Boer goats - the Aberden Angus of goat meat. We have a farm shop supplying skins and yarns from our own sheep and goats along with fabric poducts and meats.

All the animals have been reared on our farm and are taken to the abattoir by us. We don't use hauliers. Our animals know us and that familiarity is crucial to a quality meat product.

Having been kidding since January there will be kids to see. Maybe you will get to cuddle one!

We are happy to chat about our business and livestock. We are proud of our happy goats and look forward to meeting you.

We keep goats at Cardhu as well as on this farm. Our doelings (last year's female kids) are housed in the "Tamdhu pole barn" which looks down the glen towards Macallan. Maybe it's the influence of so much delicious whisky that makes our goats so happy and sociable.

On Saturday we are offering a special experience for a small group to go into tge pens and cuddle the goats and kids. A memorable experience with these curious and fun animals. Be prepared to be investigated!

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