Best New Event Award

Each year, the Festival strives to deliver one of the most inspired events programmes in Scotch Whisky and the Best New Event award recognises the event provider delivering the best and most memorable event introduced to the festival in a given year.

This award celebrates the creativity and effort of organisers in designing and executing a unique experience that enhances the Festival programme. Whether it's a masterclass, a tasting session, a themed event, or brand new tour, the Best New Event Award acknowledges the event that provides attendees with an exceptional and memorable whisky-related experience.

The Best New Event Award is a coveted recognition that inspires the continuous evolution of the Whisky Festival experience. It encourages event providers to think outside the box, to create new and exciting events that engage attendees in fresh and captivating ways.

Each year, we engage a judge, well known in the industry, to complete the enviable task of attending each of the event contenders and evaluating them based on factors such as originality, educational value, entertainment value, attendee engagement, and overall impact. The winning event should not only provide a unique and enjoyable experience but also contribute to the festival's atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Click here to see all of the events shortlisted at #Dram24 and find out more about our 2024 judge.

The winner of the 2024 Best New Event award was:

Previous winners of the award include:

2023 - Speyburn Distillery - Behind the Scenes Tour & Tasting

2022 - The Dowan's Hotel - Star Wars and Whisky

2019 - Tamdhu Distillery - From Spain to Speyside: Journey of the Sherry Cask

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