The Glenlivet

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Nestled deep in a remote valley of Speyside, Glenlivet was an ideal location for illicit whisky smugglers to hide away from the ever-watchful excise men. In the early 19th century there were about 200 illicit stills operating in the parish of Glenlivet alone. When a new law brought in a more reasonable rate of taxation for distillation, George Smith was the first man to take up the challenge, and in 1824 The Glenlivet was born.

Glenlivet warehouse02George’s battles with the whisky smugglers and with a remote, and, often hostile, climate paid off and sales of The Glenlivet flourished.  When prohibition ended in the US in 1933, George’s legacy spread across the Atlantic, and The Glenlivet has never looked back.

By 2008, The Glenlivet had continued to grow and the decision was taken to expand the distillery to meet growing demand. The new expansion was opened by HRH Prince Charles in 2010, and the tradition of using wooden washbacks was maintained, whilst all the materials for the expansion were sourced from companies within a 30 miles radius of the distillery. Today, The Glenlivet Distillery still stands true to George’s vision, and his legacy lives on.

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