McMillan Coppersmiths and Fabricators specialise in traditional handcrafted Scottish Copper pot stills and columns for the Distilled Spirits industry. McMillan has decades of experience in designing and building stills for a range of spirit types and offers both bespoke and standard pot still designs, through to complete distillation systems. Located in Prestonpans, Scotland McMillan have provided distillation equipment for many notable spirit producers across Scotland and around the world.

In April 2020, McMillan Coppersmiths and Fabricators was acquired by Briggs of Burton, a leading turnkey process engineering company based in Burton on Trent, UK. This acquisition has enabled McMillan to form part of large turnkey distilling projects in China and North America. Briggs of Burton will continue to build on its reputation to supply its distilling customers with market leading process equipment and engineering services, together with McMillan’s copper distillation equipment, offering full turnkey distilling projects.

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