Johnstons of Elgin have worked with the world's finest natural, biodegradable fibres for 225 years. It takes time to create our luxurious, high-quality designs, and our products are made to last for more than a lifetime. We are committed to continually improving our sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint.

Our Elgin and Hawick mills are still family-owned, with Elgin one of the last remaining vertical mills in Scotland, meaning we dye, spin, weave and finish everything on site. We marry delicate care and our soft Scottish water with innovative technology, outstanding design and unrivalled craftsmanship, to deliver products we are incredibly proud of – all Made in Scotland.

At our Elgin site, the only vertical weaving mill in Scotland, you can experience some of the thirty processes involved in crafting a single scarf and learn more about the families that have shaped our business over the decades. From exploring behind the scenes of our working mill to an in-depth heritage experience and personal shopping, there is something for everyone at Johnstons of Elgin.

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