Ann Miller, the Dram Queen, shares independent whisky expertise. Speyside based and with over 30 years’ industry experience, Ann offers entertaining and informative Scotch whisky experiences and courses. Novices and enthusiasts will benefit from Ann’s passion, knowledge and behind the scenes expertise.

"The Dram Queen’s tastings are one of the Best Whisky Tasting Experiences you can have in Scotland! She knows everything you ever wanted to know about whisky but were afraid to ask."
Jim White

Ann’s enthusiasm and passion for Scotch whisky remain as important as ever. Based in the heart of malt whisky distilling in Speyside, she continues to share her passion for Scotch whisky by conducting inspiring tastings, hosting delicious whisky dinners, and helping people to enjoy whisky even more!

During her career as an International Brand Ambassador spanning over 30 years, Ann travelled the world. An acknowledged expert, she was responsible for communicating about a wide range of malt whisky brands as well as delivering in depth and bespoke training for guests from many countries. Now independent, her passion and expertise extend well beyond Speyside to an enthusiasm for all Scotch whiskies.

Ann's tastings and talks are interactive, inspiring, and entertaining. She also offers half day or full day modules and longer courses for novices and enthusiasts. Participants will benefit from her extensive knowledge of Scotch whisky, of Speyside and of Scotland.

Tailor made events and courses can take place wherever convenient or in the dedicated Dram Room which Ann has created on the family farm in the heart of Speyside. All Ann’s whisky experiences are entertaining and informative, adapted to the interests of participants, exploring themes like age, region, style, or type of cask. Several modules can be combined to create an entire day, a weekend or more.

Ann is happy to create programmes or itineraries to focus on aspects of Scotch whisky which appeal to guests and adjust the content to suit their interests and aspirations. A series of courses can vary from one to the next, to offer options for follow up visits. With fluent French and Spanish, Ann is always delighted to welcome international guests.

The Approved Course Provider & Educator for Scotland with the EWA [Edinburgh Whisky Academy] Ann offers the Certificate in Scotch Whisky which leads to independent accreditation and other courses. These are offered in Speyside or elsewhere in Scotland over one to two days or as modules.

Ann was one of the founders of the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival over 20 years ago and served as one of its volunteer Directors until recently.

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