Glenfiddich Distillery

Find tall copper tuns, great wooden washbacks and stone-walled warehouses filled with earthy, aged aromas. One of the last independent distilleries with the freedom to carry on our history of innovation.

What makes the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whisky*… a setting, story and craft more than 125 years old. Start the story with a short film. Walk through the Mash House with our knowledgeable guides, where the highest quality raw ingredients are being prepared for fermentation. Here learn how our signature pear flavour is created.


Step into the Still House where shining copper stills are fired and a precious distillate is condensed. End in Warehouse 1 where hearty earthen aromas from whiskies that have been gently maturing for generations fill the air.


Then spend time nosing and tasting our beautifully aged and crafted Glenfiddich 12, 15 and 18 Year Old whiskies.

Everyone is welcome on our Glenfiddich Classic Tours and children will need to be accompanied by an adult.

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Glenfiddich Distillery

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