Three Bags Wool

What makes us different to every other wool / yarn shop you've already been to is perhaps what your thinking? I think my customers would all agree we are probabily the most different ever.  To begin with we have Tam the Ram a life sized model of a sheep who stands by the shop door.  (handmade of course)

Our workshops give you a hands on experience and are sure to have you bursting with ideas afterwards.

We have a great collection of designer yarns from around the world and closer to home.  We also have lots of knitted items so you can see what the yarn does when its knitted up.  You can feel it and see the wonderful colours.

We have a unique range of handmade buttons which I myself make and design for the shop and custom design for my clients.

We promote and sell Fair Trade goods in line with the nature of the shop - mainly hats, bags, mits, scarves and felt items such as purses and jewellery.

We also sell a range of luxury sheepskins in various natural and dyed colours. We even have one for vegetarians called a Florrie and no sheep are harmed in the making of this.

Its been describe on many occasions as the brightest shop in Moray, an Aladins Den of wonderful creations and  the most unique and unexpected shopping experience.  I hope to see you soon.

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Three Bags Wool

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