The Glenrothes

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The Glenrothes, founded in 1879,  is an award winning Speyside Single Malt and a pioneer in the whisky industry.  All our Single Malt is Vintage Whisky. And when we say Vintage, we don’t just mean aged; we mean whisky distilled in a particular year that has reached its peak of maturity, character and flavour.

This philosophy is at the very heart of what we do. Our Malt Master selects whisky only when it is ready, not at a pre-determined age. These selected, rare and limited Vintages are then married together to create our Reserves or bottled individually as Single Vintages. Consequently, The Glenrothes is not your typical whisky; it is one which is always perfectly ready to be savoured. It is The Vintage Single Malt. 

In the early 1990’s London’s oldest wine and spirit merchant Berry Bros & Rudd Ltd, the owners of The Glenrothes whisky, took the bold step of bringing to life the pioneering Vintage Single Malt we know and enjoy today. What makes The Glenrothes different is also what makes it exceptional. At the Glenrothes, we only bottle our Single Malt Whisky at the moment it reaches its peak of maturity and taste. Thus, all of our whisky is, by its very nature, Vintage.

You see, age statements are no guarantee of quality or taste. What happens to the whisky in the cask is far more important than the number of years it spends inside it. Much like a fine wine, whisky matures at its own pace. Which is why each individual cask of ours is carefully checked, nosed and tasted many times over many years, until perfect. Event expression we create must have its own unique personality, underpinned by our distillery's characteristic flavour - ripe fruits, citrus, vanilla and an exquisite spicy finish all encased in the creamiest of textures and with a complex yet well-poised balance. Only when it meets our thorough requirements can it be bottles, wither within one of our exquisite Reserves, as a unique and finite Single Vintage, or as much sought after Special Release.

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